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This module provides effective planning and control of materials as required by the company production plan. Main functions are: Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Generating Pick List(s)/Kit Release to suit production needs, Forecasting, Inventory Movement Recording and Inventory Accounting

The MRP module helps planners effectively calculate how much raw material to purchase at what time to support the Master Production Schedule.

There are two modes of operation, Regeneration and Net Change. The Regeneration Run reviews every plan, whereas the Net Change Run works only with changes to predetermined plans. Since Regeneration takes much longer to process, users should normally run Net Change, saving Regeneration for special circumstances such as major revisions to the Master Schedule.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
The MRP process creates a Material Requirements file by exploding all levels of assemblies from top to bottom using the Bill of Material module. MRP reports can then be created to review inventory levels, such as quantity on hand or on order, and calculate net requirements.

Release Kits/Generate Pick List
This function controls the release of Material for Work Orders into manufacturing. Orders must be approved prior to release. You can inquire about and examine the Build/Material Assembly schedule for any potential material shortages that may affect production. Quantities may be allocated after the Work Order is released according to your company's selection parameters defined in Profile Maintenance. The system prints the Inventory Pick List and creates the Production Work Order Release.

Forecast Items
Forecast Items can be manually entered for review by MRP These items must exist in Item Master and the status of these orders must be approved.

Inventory Movement Recording
The Daily Transactions Activity function of the Inventory Control module keeps track of all inventory movements. The following transactions are recorded into the system: * * * * * * *

Receipts of Raw Material    
Finished Goods from Work in Progress    
Issues of Complete Kit of components required for a Work Order, Individual Component to cover scrap quantities, etc.    
Back Flush of inventory with one transaction    
Transfers of inventory between store locations    
Adjustments to inventory balances as a result of a physical count    
Returns of components to stores    
Inventory Accounting All inventory transactions are fed to the GL Module (if purchased) at month-end. Reports and on-line inquiries are provided to reflect the dollar values of inventory for either a specific site or for all locations.    
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