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Leading Industry Software for the Window and Door Industry
A complete ERP system for everyone BECAUSE, with Winporte...!

 Your Sales Rep can...
Use dynamic Configurator to instantly generate quotes/orders
Accurately price windows with customized parameters at Job Site
Display/print full-color images of all windows at quote/order entry stage
Conveniently transfer quotes to sales orders and copy existing quotes to new quotes
Provide customers with quicker shipments & accurate delivery dates
Your Customer can...
Place sales orders with multiple line items using international currencies
Receive partial shipments depending upon their requirements
Receive instant customer service through real-time information online
Reduce lead time by using EDI for sending and receiving business documents
Your Production Staff can...
  Automatically generate production schedules from delivery promises
  Optimize scheduling by truck load to minimize finish goods inventory
  Provide full simulation of What if analysis to establish an achievable production plan
  Compare MPS suggested workload with work center capacities available
  Explode Bill Of Material to produce material requirements & Production Cut Sheets by using Rules Driven Configured Bill Of Material/Routings
  Produce realistic cost estimates using scrap factors on materials and subcontracting
  Produce Production Cut Sheets for Mainframe, Glass, Bead & other components like T-Bar/V-Bar, Reinforcing, Brickmould, Mullion, Sill Track, Grid, Liner, Screen etc.
  Produce Glass Tags & Interface to Glass Optimizer
Save time and speed up shipping by producing packing slips and custom documents
  Produce Blanket Orders to establish multiple releases
  Ensure Resource Eligibility by identifying machine availability within a specific work center
Your Accounting | Administrative Staff can...
Automatically create invoices and instantly update Accounts Receivable Ledger
Produce aging analysis and supporting financial reports
Create individualized notes while talking to your customers to help increase customer satisfaction
Generate purchase requisitions automatically from MRP to create purchase orders
Your Company Management can...
Tailor winporte™ to your needs by defining company requirements through the use of Profiles
Set up different selling prices for each product as per quantity volume
Generate cash flow projections from raw materials requirements
Check customer credit status at Order time with hold feature
Allow over shipment or under shipment depending upon business requirements
Add miscellaneous charges to invoices for freight or extra work
Monitor all delivery promises against actual shipping dates
Receive returns and update on-hand balance quantities with values
Handle stock in, and transfer stock between various locations
Query the status and history of any stock item or Customer online
Dynamically integrate business reports with Crystal ReportsPlace sales orders with multiple line items using international currencies;

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