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Master Production Schedule (MPS) is a statement of the company's production expressed in manufactured items with required quantities and their completion dates. It is the highest level plan in the system and, as such, drives all of the other planning and scheduling activities.

It links business- and detailed manufacturing-planning and provides a means to develop the detailed build plan required to meet the company's manufacturing demands. This OPICS module is so powerful, it provides the Master Scheduler with all the sophisticated tools necessary to a successful production plan.

The OPICS Level Build concept works on Average Daily Build. Planners simply need to specify the quantity and time frame, and MPS will do all the calculations for daily, weekly, or monthly production quotas, according to the applicable production release mode selection parameters. MPS will also calculate due dates according to the total quantity desired and the number expected to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Demand for MPS can come from the following sources:

Customer Sales Orders (from the Order Processing Module, if installed)    
Forecast from defining the company's high-level financial plans or manual forecast input by Master Scheduler    
The MPS module provides all summarized and detailed plans on-line to show the implications of the plan in terms of:    
Material requirements projections to bring you on-line with just-in-Time Inventory    
Capacity Requirement Planning, which compares the MPS suggested work load against the capacities of each work center. This way any imbalances can be resolved by adjusting either the schedule or the work center capacities    
  Thus, the MPS module of OPICS provides a full simulation of "what if" situations for achieving a workable production plan with special consideration to sales, production and finance.    
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